April ’20

JS Bach – Sarabande

Shooting at times of Corona can be beautiful. This month we recorded a Sarabande by Johann Sebastian Bach in compliance with the contact restrictions in the empty St. Thomas Church in Leipzig. It was great to interrupt the compulsory break for a moment, meet with friends and bring together our skills.

Violine: Nadja Zwiener
Sound: Johannes Malfatti
Editing: Johanna Domke
Camera: Anne Misselwitz

SPK Komplex

April 26th 10:45pm – TV release at RBB
and after that for 7 days in the RBB media library


by Laura Horelli (Finland 2016, OV/English ST, 45 min)
online  in a film series curated by Arsenal 3 from the archive in support of the artists.
more about the film that I shot with Laura Horelli in 2016

Poster des Films SPK Komplex - Kamerafrau Anne Misselwitz

March ’20


TV premiere of our 4 episodes of the legendary Hamburg police series (Director: Félix Koch)
16.03.2020 18:50 ARD – Der falsche Polizist
30.03.2020 18:15 ARD – Die Frau aus der Insel
06.04.2020 18:50 ARD – Hochdosiert
20.04.2020 18:50 ARD – Pauls Rückkehr

Becoming Black

24th March 2020 – German Premiere at IFFF Dortmund | Collogne  8:30pm Odeon Collogne (Opening Night)

Die Unerhörten

wins Grimme Preis 2020 (Information & Culture) – Award Ceremony 27th March 2020 in Marl
noch bis 25.08.2002 in der Mediathek


30th March 2020 – Kino International Berlin at 10pm – Gay Monday – with protagonists and team

Filmplakat Becoming Black - Kamerafrau Misselwitz
Filmplakat Uferfrauen - Kamerafrau Anne Misselwitz

Feb ’20

Cinematographinnen – Women Cinematographers Network

February 25th from 3pm – The Cinematographinnen invite to a Berlinale Get Together at the Sony Store, Potsdamer Platz

Cinematographinnen is a network of female DoPs in German speaking countries founded in 2017 with the aim to connect each other and make our work and ourselves more visibible in the still male dominated film industry.
here you can find 107 female cinematographers!