ST. PAULI, 06:07 UHR

Feature Film | DE (2021) | 87min

The popular German TV series GROSSSTADTREVIER now as a TV Special in feature film format:

It’s 6:07 a.m. when Nina Sieveking’s life falls apart. The policewoman from PK14 is on the subway on her way home when an argument between three men escalates. She intervenes – and is brutally beaten up while the other passengers look on. Nobody intervenes. For Harry Möller, Lukas Petersen and the other colleagues from the “Grossstadtrevier” a nerve-wracking search for the perpetrators begins. Frustrating discussions with witnesses remain fruitless, nobody wants to have seen anything. The police officers who risk their lives every day for others receive hardly any help themselves. When a dead body is found at the port, new abysses reveal themselves – and Nina suddenly finds herself being targeted by the investigations. (ARD)

TV Release: Wednesday, May 19 2021 – 20:15 ARD

Cast: Wanda Perdelwitz, Patrick Abozen, Maria Ketikidou, Peter Fieseler, Saskia Fischer, Marc Zwinz, Sven Fricke, Heinz Hönig and others

Director: Félix Koch
Writer: Norbert Eberlein
Editor: Regina Bärtschi
Production Design: Seth Turner
Sound: Detlef Fiebig
1st AC: Jonas Hentschel
Gaffer: Reinhard Stern
Grip: Hartmuth Völkl
Producer: Claudia Thieme
Production: Letterbox Filmproduktion GmbH
Commisioning Editor: Franziska Dillberger (NDR), Diana Schulte-Kellinghaus (NDR), Katja Kirchen (ARD degeto)

produced on behalf of NDR and ARD degeto