Installation | D / CH (2004) | 16min

The triangle of power, sex and media forms the solid basis for a script based on the Clinton-Lewinsky affair. The contradictory interests of the protagonists shape the story, set in a cross between a TV show and a puppet theatre. ‚Nothing happened. I swear it. I am the President.‘

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Writer | Director: Frédéric Moser, Philippe Schwinger

Cast: Roger Tebb, Ilya Parenteau, Fernanda Farah, Peter Cotton, Katie Mullins, Hans Haasis, Leslie Alina Schäfer

Sound: Johanna Herr
Light: Günter Berghaus
Produced by: Swiss Federal Office of Culture and Academy for Film and Television „Konrad Wolf“, Postdam-Babelsberg

World Premiere: September 2004
Festivals (selection): Biennale de São Paulo 2004, IFFF Rotterdam 2006