3 Social Spots | DE (2014) | 3 x 2min

Homosexual, transgender, and intergender people are still under pressure to justify why they are not “the same” yet want to be recognised as equals. The onus is on them to defend their loves and desires – and not on those refusing to recognise them. However, tolerance always means to tolerate things you dislike. Implicitly, tolerance always means controlling one’s discomfort.

“Tolerant? We’re Tolerant” intends to subvert playfully the imbalance that is always part of the discourse about the equality of gays and lesbians. With three short video clips “Tolerant? We’re Tolerant” tackles the patterns of everyday intolerance, creating in the process a joyful irritation that will tickle the audience like a pebble caught in one’s shoe.

A project of author Dr. Carolin Emcke and director Angelina Maccarone, it presents an ironic take on social expectations and attributions. Who is tolerant? Who are “we”, who “the others”? How private or public may love become? The aim is not to lecture the audience but to make it realise certain aspects of its own behaviour – and laugh about it, laugh about its own prejudices.

Director: Angelina Maccarone
Writer: Carlin Emcke, Angelina Maccarone

Cast: Jens Hillje, Nuria Kohlhoff, Eva Meckbach, Gianni Meurer, Franz Rogowski, Marianna Salzmann, Rainer Sellien, Sesede Terziyan, Maryam Zaree, Dennenesch Zoudé und vielen anderen

Editor: Bettina Böhler
Sound: Helge Haack
Lighting: Henning Gebhardt
Music: Karen Kramatschek
Production: Emcke & Maccarone Produktion

In Cooperation with Heinrich Böll Stiftung und der Yorck Kinogruppe