Shortfilm | D (2020) | 16min

PAULE AND THE NATIVITY PLAY is based on a story from “Paule is a lucky grasp‘ by Kirsten Boie, published by Friedrich Oetinger.

Christmas is just around the corner and Ms. Rübsam (Jella Haase) would like to perform the traditional nativity play with her school class. The children quickly agree that Paule (Sanusi Bah) should play Kaspar, the coloured one of the three wise men. Paule takes a different view: he wants to play the angel who brings the good news. But Sarah (Anna Wittowsky) already sees herself in this role and says that her mother only gets free from work if she plays an important character. When Paule finds out about it, he secretly makes sure that Sarah’s mother can come.

To make matters worse, there is water damage in the auditorium at school, so the children have to find another location for the performance.

Adapted from “Paule ist ein Glücksgriff” by Kirsten Boie

Director: Karola Hattop
Writer: Kirsten Boie, Michael Demuth
DoP: Anne Misselwitz
2nd Camera: Rasmus Sievers
Music: Moritz Denis, Eike Hosenfeld
Casting: Jacqueline Rietz
Editor: Sabine Knauer
Location Sound: Leo Aderhold
Lighting: Henning Gebhardt
Costume Design: Tanja Liebermann
Art Director: Oliver Munck
1st AD: Barbara Schubert
Production Manager: Andreas „Rudi“ Born, Christoph Bienert (KiKA)
Line Producer: Alecsander Faroga (TELLUX), Uli Knorr (KiKA),
Producer: Martin Choroba, Johanna Teichmann

A production by Crossmedia and Tellux Film in collaboration with Alpha Entertainment commisioned by KIKA and MDR


TV Premiere: Thursday 24th of December 2020 3:45pm on KiKA, 4pm on MDR

Online from 22nd of December 2020 on and on KiKA-Player