TV-Series | DE (2015) | ZDF | 2 x 45min

The office for missing persons of the Berlin police searches for people who disappeared. By interviewing their family and those who last saw them, the policepersons try to find the reasons for their disappearance. Very often, they manage to discover the missing person more or less unharmed.

VERWANDELT – Season 04, Episode 11
When Florian Kiesler disappears from his sheltered life, everything indicates that his past as an addict has caught up with him.

GEFRIERPUNKTSeason 04, Episode 12
Ironically, on the evening when Konstantin proposes marriage to Sandra, Daniel comes back like a ghost in her life – and her heart. Sandra is confused.

TV Release: 19th and 26th June 2015, 21:15 – 22:00 ZDF

Main Cast: Hans Werner Meyer, Jasmin Tabatabai, Susanne Bormann, Florian Panzner, Bert Tischendorf
Director: Maris Pfeiffer
Writer: Nils-Morten Osburg, Dirk Leupolz
1st AD: Regina Spreer
Editor: Simone Sugg-Hofmann
1st AC: Florian Reeh
Lighting: Jörg Büttner
Art Direction: Myriande Heller
Production: NovafilmDr. Roland Gräbe, Geraldine Voss